About Playgroup Tasmania

Playgroup Tasmania – A brief overview

Playgroup Tasmania is a not-for-profit, state-based membership organisation that has provided support and resources to assist with the establishment, co-ordination, administration and promotion of playgroups across Tasmania for more than 40 years. Playgroup Tasmania operates with a voluntary Board of Governance, and a small permanent staffing, including a CEO, playgroup development officers and administration staff across the three regions.

We are a peak body representing over 35 volunteer-led community playgroups and 15 organisational playgroups, including child and family centres and neighbourhood and community houses. Each year more than 500 families engage with Playgroup Tasmania as members with even more attending playgroups each week.

Playgroup Tasmania is best known for delivering high impact Community Playgroup Support. In addition, we also administer the cost-effective Supported Playgroup Program – PlayConnect. This program of facilitated, supported playgroups offer a ‘soft entry’ for families with a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder-like symptoms to be connected with wider support and relevant information. PlayConnect is currently funded by the Australian Government’s Department of Social Services (DSS).

Strategic Plan 2018-2021


All Tasmanian’s value Playgroups

Our Purpose

To support family connections, strengthen communities and foster learning through play for all children

Our Beliefs

  • Families are uniquely placed to nurture their child’s wellbeing, health and development.
  • Diverse and resilient communities play an essential role in developing well-functioning families.
  • Play is central to every child’s development and must be encouraged and supported.
  • Supportive child friendly environments are achieved when families and community members work in partnership.
  • Strong voices are needed to advocate for the importance of play for young children.


1. To be recognised as a leader and expert in our field

1.1 We build partnerships with all sectors involved in child development and family support during the early years

1.2 We influence and advocate on government policy

1.3 We contribute to the evidence base for the value of playgroup

1.4 We build Playgroup Tasmania’s profile

2. To promote and grow active participation

2.1 We attract, retain and support playgroup members

2.2 We enable community and supported playgroups to support local families and communities.

3. To broaden access to playgroups

3.1 We enhance playgroup access and support for all families who experience barriers to participation

3.2 We improve playgroup access and support for families in regional and remote areas