Playgroup Tasmania acknowledges that we live, work and play on Aboriginal land, land of the palawa/pakana people of lutruwita (Tasmania). We pay our respects to the Tasmanian Aboriginal community, to elders past and present and to all those who continue caring for country, sharing stories and upholding rights.

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Community Playgroups

Community Playgroups meet once or twice a week for up to two hours in venues such as community centres, halls, parks and homes. They are delivered by parents/carers with Playgroup Tasmania’s support, resources through visits, phone calls and online communication.

Organisational Playgroups

Organisations such as not-for-profit community groups, child care agencies, Family Day Care Schemes and Churches that run their own playgroups and already hold insurance coverage, may affiliate with Playgroup Tasmania and hold an Organisational Membership.


PlayConnect is designed for families of children aged 0-6 years who have unique needs associated with having an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or autism-like characteristics in communication, behaviour or social skills. Your child does not need an ASD diagnosis to join.

Intergenerational Play

Through partnerships with aged care services, retirement villages and seniors’ groups – Intergenerational Play is bridging generational gaps to reduce isolation within local communities. Introducing families to older people helps bring people from all walks of life together.


Play Baby is a safe, warm and welcoming environment for expecting parents and those with a baby under a year old. They’re a place to find friendship, connection and understanding during the early months of being a parent.

"We've truly loved being involved in our community playgroup. It's helped with social anxiety and making new friends."