Supported Playgroup Program

PlayConnect Playgroups are designed for families with children aged 0-6 years who have needs associated with having an Autism Spectrum Disorder or developmental delays in communication, behaviour or social skills.

PlayConnect is an early intervention strategy funded through the Australian Government. Children do not require a formal diagnosis or referral to attend a PlayConnect Playgroup.

There is currently a PlayConnect Playgroup in the North, North West and South in Tasmania.

Who can go to a PlayConnect Playgroup?

Families that have a child aged from 0-6 years with ASD, or ASD like symptoms, are welcome to join a PlayConnect Playgroup. Your child does not need an ASD diagnosis to join.


What will happen at a PlayConnect Playgroup?

PlayConnect Playgroups meet regularly and are facilitated by a development worker. During playgroup sessions, caregivers and children participate in a variety of play activities suited to the needs of the children. Information about other services will also be available for your family.

How will PlayConnect Playgroups benefit our family? 

Parents and caregivers say playgroups are useful because they help them connect with other families in similar situations.


Will I be able to speak with ASD specialists?

PlayConnect is not therapy based however your PlayConnect Worker can provide you  with information about strategies for play and specialist services in your area.

You can find more information on the PlayConnect Website or by calling our free-call number 1800 171 882



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